Thinking Ahead

September 2017


  • Regeneration: Kaitlyn Wright
  • Justification: Kaylee Freeman
  • Imputation: Jeanie Layne
  • Sanctification: Mallory Bierig
  • Glorification: Margaret Bronson

August 2017

Application Journals

  • One Life, Two Worlds: Margaret Bronson
  • 3 Ways the Trinity Affects My Singleness: Jeanie Layne
  • Becoming More Like Jesus Doesn’t Happen Through Diaper Changing: Margaret Bronson
  • 3 Ways Self-Condemnation Steals Your Joy: Kaylee Freeman

July 2017

A History Defined

  • The Canon: Where We Get Our Scriptures: Kaitlyn Wright
  • The Reformation Part I: A Problem to Fix: Jeanie Layne
  • The Reformation Part II: A Renovation to Accomplish: Jeanie Layne
  • Those Who Walked Before Us: Part I & II: Mallory Bierig and Rachel Rose

June 2017

The Trinity

  • The Mysterious Trinity and Why It Matters: Jeanie Layne
  • God the Father: Kaitlyn Wright
  • God the Son: Kaylee Freeman
  • God the Spirit: Margaret Bronson
  • How Then Do We Pray: Margaret Bronson

May 2017

The God of Scripture

  • Inerrancy: Margaret Bronson
  • Communicable vs. Incommunicable Attribute: Kaitlyn Wright
  • Specific Attribute: Rachel Rose
  • Specific Attribute: Mallory Bierig
  • Riches, Knowledge, Wisdom (Romans 11:33-36): Samantha Sykora

April 2017

What Is the Gospel?

  • The Glorious God: Jeanie Layne
  • The Fallen Man: Rachel Rose
  • The Redeeming Christ: Margaret Bronson
  • The Sinner’s Response: Mallory Bierig