Roles Within the Church

To Pastor is No Joke

As you might already be aware, the title ‘pastor’ is derived from a Latin word meaning ‘shepherd.’ I always chuckle a bit when I reflect on this fact. Shepherds were not well-liked figures in the Ancient Near East. They were often poor, uneducated, and widely regarded as criminals (sometimes with good reason!). For the New… Continue reading To Pastor is No Joke

A Theology of Relationships

Your Pastor is Not an Afterthought

Remember when you were a child and thought your school teacher lived at school? You assumed that teaching was all she did; and she didn’t have a family, home, or hobbies. Then there was that one time you bumped into her at the grocery store and were flabbergasted that she existed outside the school! *GASP*… Continue reading Your Pastor is Not an Afterthought