Roles Within the Church

To Pastor is No Joke

As you might already be aware, the title ‘pastor’ is derived from a Latin word meaning ‘shepherd.’ I always chuckle a bit when I reflect on this fact. Shepherds were not well-liked figures in the Ancient Near East. They were often poor, uneducated, and widely regarded as criminals (sometimes with good reason!). For the New… Continue reading To Pastor is No Joke

The Offices of Christ

Christ as Substitute

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a substitute? Consider with me for a moment the famous scene from Indiana Jones. Jones is trying to steal a golden idol, and to take that idol, he must put something of equal weight in its place quickly to spare himself from… Continue reading Christ as Substitute

The Offices of Christ

A Bid for the Throne and a Rightful Heir

 In November, Suyash Dixit declared himself king of an 800-square-mile piece of land located between Egypt and Sudan. The territory, known as “Bir Tawil,” is largely uninhabited and one of the few places on earth that is both habitable and unclaimed by a recognized government. Dixit visited briefly, planted a flag, and named himself “ruler”… Continue reading A Bid for the Throne and a Rightful Heir

Application Journals

Yes, Go to Church This Christmas Eve

Calendaring is in full swing for the holiday season as families across the globe strive to find a time for all the family to come together. Presents are being wrapped and meals are being planned, Christmas pajamas are being purchased and travel plans are being secured, all with the anticipation of the Christmas season in… Continue reading Yes, Go to Church This Christmas Eve

Application Journals

Sanctification and God’s Rambunctious Children

I have three preschool children.                                         sanctification That’s a lot of rambunctiousness, a lot of clumsiness, and a lot of childishness. For example, my kids haven’t yet learned how to walk and not stomp like a herd… Continue reading Sanctification and God’s Rambunctious Children