Jeanie Layne*

*Note: Jeanie writes under a pseudonym. Her future plans include potential opportunity to do ministry in parts of the world where frequent posts to a Christian blog may be detrimental to her ability to engage in ministry. If you have figured out Jeanie’s alter-ego (aka, her real name), please be gracious and refrain from “outing” her publicly or via social media. If you have any questions regarding Jeanie’s use of a pseudonym, please feel free to email us at

When did the Lord call you to himself?

The Lord called me to himself when I was seven years old. I had grown up in the church but had not understood until that point my sinfulness or my need for salvation through Jesus, who paid the penalty that was owed for my sins by his death on a cross. God was gracious in giving me a desire to pursue his Word at a young age, and I became serious about my study of Scripture by 13. The Spirit began to shape the way I viewed the world, and I discovered conviction of sin and learned the beauty of repentance and redemption. Around the age of 15, the Spirit began to make clear to me that believers should be people who are passionate about discipleship, evangelism, and sharing the gospel with people from every tribe, tongue, and nation. This is good news that has dramatically altered the eternal destiny of those who put their faith in Christ for salvation, and we have the joy and obligation of sharing that good news with those around us. The Lord has given me a passion and desire to make His name known among the nations, and I look forward to the ways that He will use that passion where I am now and wherever I end up.

Why are you writing?

I am writing for three primary reasons. First, I love reading and writing. The written word is like a puzzle in my mind. It feels as though there’s a perfect fit and flow to every sentence, and I love the process of discerning how the pieces fit together. Second, I am a seminary student and have been blessed with the opportunity to study the Word and theology. Third, I firmly believe that it is important to think on and process the deep things of the Lord. The activity of writing allows me to think of the Lord and figure out how to communicate the truths of Scripture clearly and succinctly. I am writing here at for one additional reason: women should have access to sound theology in attainable formats that neither over or underwhelm them. Much Christian literature for women is either fluffy and watered down (all application with no theology) or it’s all meat and leaves us feeling weighted down (all theology with no application). I want us to be able to have a conversation where we eat the whole meal. Women need literature that is both true to Scripture, significant in meaning and content, and heartily applicable for real life. It’s my goal to feed you a healthy diet when it comes to theology and its usefulness for your daily walk with Christ.

Things you do when you’re not writing

When I’m not writing, I spend a lot of time studying and reading (both for seminary and for fun). Notice I didn’t say I KNOW a lot, just that I study a lot. Believe me, there is a difference. I like to play piano, and I am slowly learning to play the ukulele. I love my church family and enjoy spending as much time with them as I can. My physical family is also a source of joy to me. A favorite pastime of mine is hanging out with my amazingly adorable niece. I’m one of her favorite people, but she’s a toddler, so it’s difficult to know how heavily to trust her opinion.


Rainy Day Movie: That Thing You Do or One Fine Day

Most Impactful / Formative Book: Knowing God, by J.I. Packer. I read this book for the first time shortly after college, and it forever changed the way I understand and approach the God of Scripture.

For-fun book: Emma, Jane Austen when I’m feeling a classic. Any of the Harry Potter books or any of C.S. Lewis’s fiction when I’m feeling like something a bit more imaginative.

Snow cone flavor: Cherry. Always cherry.

Coffee, soda, or tea? Coffee with cream is my preferred go-to for caffeinated beverages. I also love a nice Moroccan mint (one sugar) or Irish breakfast tea (with cream).

Vegetable: Fresh snap peas, preferably with hummus!!

Item of clothing that is currently in your closet: I’ve got this gray and white striped sweatshirt that is currently in that perfect state of having been washed just enough to be perfectly soft and warm but not too much to be threadbare. It’s my curl-up-in-a-comfy-chair-and-read-a-good-book sweatshirt. A girl just can’t beat that.

Preferred style of pen / writing instrument: My current favorite is a Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pen with blue ink. I also really like green extra-fine-point permanent markers. And of course, every writer / editor needs a good fine point red pen!