The Local Church and Its Role in Missions

As we continue the conversation on missions this month, we mustn’t forget the main focus of missions: reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ for the glory of God. Many of us can recall sermons on Matthew 28 — the Great Commission passage—but how can we put that into action? Do some need… Continue reading The Local Church and Its Role in Missions


A Great Commission and a Modern Mission

The Lord has preserved the integrity of the Gospel over many years. He has not only protected His church to stand firm over time, but He has also caused it to expand and grow exponentially. One means of growth has been global missions carried out by faithful Christians. It is important that we take the time to understand the history of modern missions, because it shows us God’s character and encourages us in our efforts for the spread of the Gospel.


Susanna Wesley and the Mission of Motherhood

Mother’s Day is a time to consider our moms and the ways they’ve shaped us. As mothers, potential mothers, and spiritual mothers, this is a season when we consider how to parent. We look at past successes and failures in our efforts to raise up another generation of disciples of Jesus Christ, and we pray for those the Lord might give us to steward as physical or spiritual offspring.