Thank you for visiting our blog page. We launched our Weekly Writings on March 1, 2017, and are now excited to introduce our Application Journals page!

Our Weekly Writings appear on the blog each Tuesday morning. Each month has a specific theme and the blog posts reflect a theological and biblical truth represented in that theme. (If you’d like to see what we’ll be writing about in the upcoming weeks, click on over to the Thinking Ahead page.)

Our new Application Journals page will feature periodic writings from a more personal perspective in life. We will utilize this page to share what the Lord is teaching us personally, whether it’s about dying to ourselves in serving those around us, or reminding ourselves of the Gospel in the midst of disciplining our very active toddler. We hope these journals allow you to see into the reality of our lives; we, too, are real people fighting the daily fight to die to sin and live to righteousness. We want to invite you, and encourage you, to continue waging war alongside us.

So, please continue to join us as we write to know and enjoy God through right study of the Word.