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Alfie Evans and the Topic of Dependence

Pro-choice rhetoric says that because the unborn is completely dependent on the mother, and would die if the two were separated, the unborn is not, in fact, a full-fledged human being, and therefore abortion is not murder. The same rhetoric is increasingly applied to the elderly or critically ill person who requires the assistance of machines to live.

A Theology of Man

Better Together

I’m a science fiction dork. Half of my reading list this year is “space operas.” One hallmark of this genre is that they often include a merry band of space pirates who discover a new planet and send a drone down to observe the unsuspecting inhabitants. The inhabitants tend to be otherworldly, and the space… Continue reading Better Together

Application Journals

Sanctification and God’s Rambunctious Children

I have three preschool children.                                         sanctification That’s a lot of rambunctiousness, a lot of clumsiness, and a lot of childishness. For example, my kids haven’t yet learned how to walk and not stomp like a herd… Continue reading Sanctification and God’s Rambunctious Children

A Theology of Relationships

Parenting: More Than Just Safety and Sanity

I LOVE being a mom. I really enjoy my kids. But, my kids make mistakes. LOTS of them. In fact, my day often consists of addressing three different children’s varied mistakes, prioritizing first the most dangerous and life-threatening ones (anything to do with electrical sockets, vehicles, and sharp objects go on this list) followed at… Continue reading Parenting: More Than Just Safety and Sanity