Roles Within the Church

Lay Member, Your Church Needs You

Diaper explosions, burnt breakfasts, and flooded bathrooms are the kinds of things that seem to happen on Sunday mornings. It’s often difficult enough to get ourselves to church that we rarely even think about why we are going. We become distracted thinking about where we are going to sit, looking for friends, making small talk,… Continue reading Lay Member, Your Church Needs You

Theology of the Church

The Matter of Membership

In high school, my church youth group did door to door evangelism once a week. We walked through neighborhoods and knocked on doors in hopes of sharing Christ with someone. One week, my evangelism team ended up in the living room of a man going on and on about his personal relationship with Christ and… Continue reading The Matter of Membership

A Theology of Relationships

Friendship: A Gift Given and Received

“Let us love one another, for love comes from God.” -1 John 4:7 Am I in or out? Will she invite me for coffee again? Did I come across too open? Too private? Did we click? I probably said too much. I’m not sure she enjoyed our time together. She already has so many friends… Continue reading Friendship: A Gift Given and Received