The Sanctity of Human Life

Environment Has Zero Effect on Human Value

This brings us to the E in S.L.E.D—environment. Pro-choicers argue that since the unborn is located in a different environment than a born human, it being inside of its mother’s womb instead of outside of it, it is less like a person and therefore has less right to life. It is true that environment affects many things, but a person’s environment or location does not determine their value as a human being.

A Theology of Man

How Depravity Reveals Our Dependence

We don’t have to look far to see that humans want their own way. A toddler doesn’t need to be taught to throw a tantrum in the grocery store—his natural tendency is to selfishly want what he wants. It’s in our sinful nature to desire our own way. We can learn the truth about our… Continue reading How Depravity Reveals Our Dependence

Theology of the Church

Identifying with Christ in Baptism

I quickly became aware of ‘numbers driven baptism’ when we moved to the Bible belt for a few years. Revivalists reported people coming to Christ and being baptized in the thousands on any given night. Please don’t hear me undermine the Holy Spirit’s power to regenerate thousands at any point He chooses, but do hear… Continue reading Identifying with Christ in Baptism