Application Journals

A Good Thing

Two years ago this month, Kaylee and I were neck deep in early preparations for what became Thinking & Theology. We prayed over, poured into, and somehow persuaded other ladies to join us in it. Our goal was simple: to help women (primarily women in our own local church) to know and enjoy God through… Continue reading A Good Thing


Susanna Wesley and the Mission of Motherhood

Mother’s Day is a time to consider our moms and the ways they’ve shaped us. As mothers, potential mothers, and spiritual mothers, this is a season when we consider how to parent. We look at past successes and failures in our efforts to raise up another generation of disciples of Jesus Christ, and we pray for those the Lord might give us to steward as physical or spiritual offspring.

The Sanctity of Human Life

Made In His Likeness

The text is clear: God planned to make all mankind in His image, and then He carried out His plan by creating man and woman. We know that “man” in Genesis 1:26 refers to mankind collectively by God’s use of the plural “they”, as those who will rule over the created world. Then in Genesis 1:27, God narrows in and creates one singular man and woman. He intends to create all of mankind in the image of God, and He begins His image-bearing creation with a man and woman—both made in God’s likeness.

Why We're Writing Series

Why We’re Still Writing: An Anniversary Reflection on the Last Year

Anniversaries are often cause for significant reflection. Anniversaries remind us of sad moments, joyful moments, moments we’d like to forget, and moments we love to remember. Anniversaries call to mind triumph and tragedy and everything in between. And today, Thinking & Theology has a significant anniversary. This may be no big deal to you. It… Continue reading Why We’re Still Writing: An Anniversary Reflection on the Last Year

The Offices of Christ

A Bid for the Throne and a Rightful Heir

 In November, Suyash Dixit declared himself king of an 800-square-mile piece of land located between Egypt and Sudan. The territory, known as “Bir Tawil,” is largely uninhabited and one of the few places on earth that is both habitable and unclaimed by a recognized government. Dixit visited briefly, planted a flag, and named himself “ruler”… Continue reading A Bid for the Throne and a Rightful Heir