Application Journals

A Summer for Sabbath

Since we began working on it, our team has poured countless hours of work into Thinking & Theology. It’s a labor of love for us, as we do this in addition to the regular demands of family, church life, and work responsibilities. We delight to serve in this way. Yet, we occasionally need to cease from our labor that we might worship the Lord and care for one another well. Over the next three months, Thinking & Theology will be taking a Summer Sabbatical. We’ll post a few articles we have written already, and we’ll occasionally connect over social media. However, from now until August 31, you won’t hear from us every week. We’ll come back at the beginning of September with a full slate of articles, but for the summer, we’re resting. We’re ceasing from our labor; we’re enjoying a Sabbath.


A Great Commission and a Modern Mission

The Lord has preserved the integrity of the Gospel over many years. He has not only protected His church to stand firm over time, but He has also caused it to expand and grow exponentially. One means of growth has been global missions carried out by faithful Christians. It is important that we take the time to understand the history of modern missions, because it shows us God’s character and encourages us in our efforts for the spread of the Gospel.

A Theology of Man, The Sanctity of Human Life

The Barbaric Science of Usefulness

This second portion of the SLED test argues otherwise: a human being’s level of development does not reflect on whether or not it is a human life. The logic here is simple. A person who possesses a greater level of development – say, a higher level of intelligence, more skills, a larger spread of talents and gifts – is not more human than someone who is simply average. Nor is the average person less than human because he or she is merely mediocre.

Roles Within the Church

The Role, Requirements, and Reward of a Deacon

At the end of 2017, our church’s deacon body transitioned into a new way of doing diaconal ministry. Instead of all the deacons trying to juggle multiple different responsibilities, each individual deacon assumed a specific ministerial task that he was both eager and able to do. In short, our deacons went from being generalists to… Continue reading The Role, Requirements, and Reward of a Deacon

Roles Within the Church

To Pastor is No Joke

As you might already be aware, the title ‘pastor’ is derived from a Latin word meaning ‘shepherd.’ I always chuckle a bit when I reflect on this fact. Shepherds were not well-liked figures in the Ancient Near East. They were often poor, uneducated, and widely regarded as criminals (sometimes with good reason!). For the New… Continue reading To Pastor is No Joke