The Sanctity of Human Life

A Reflection on the 2018 Liberty Women’s Clinic Banquet

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending Radical, the 2018 Liberty Women’s Clinic Fundraiser Banquet. This banquet occurs every April in Kansas City, Missouri, and this year 600 people attended. It was a night full of fellowship, stories, inspiration, and praise—praise to God for the 306 confirmed lives He saved through the means of Liberty Women’s Clinic in 2017.

You may be wondering what Liberty Women’s Clinic is and what they do—well, I’m glad you asked! LWC is a non-profit organization that works alongside mothers who have experienced an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. Many of these women fear they don’t have what it takes to raise a life, physically, financially, or emotionally. They become scared and sometimes find themselves alone, needing someone to talk to about the options they have as an expectant mother.

The Clinic is staffed with nurses, client advocates, and administrative staff who help carry out the daily needs of the Clinic. Each client is greeted by the volunteer at the front desk, paired with a client advocate, and then cared for by other staffers and nurses throughout her appointment. The goal is not to pressure her into keeping her baby, or to berate her if she is thinking about an abortion. The goal is to educate her on the options she has, provide services that are essential to her and her baby’s health, and to refer her to prenatal care doctors, should she choose life for her baby. If she does not choose life, the Clinic still desires to come alongside her and help in any way that they can, although the clinic does not provide abortion services or abortion referrals.

The Clinic provides all of their services free of charge, and as you might imagine, the costs accumulate quickly! The Clinic relies on the funds of donors, and this year the total donations from the banquet were $288,277. What a kindness of the Lord to prompt people to give to this ministry—all praise be to Him!

As I sat down and enjoyed a delightful dinner at the banquet with members of my local church, and listened to our speaker for the evening, Mike G. Williams, I was reminded of a few truths I’d like to encourage you with today.

Every life is important. Sitting at the table behind me was a sweet baby girl. She looked at her mom and dad and giggled countless times. My heart melted as I heard her laughing and listened to Mike’s own story. I couldn’t help but to think on the blessing that her life must be to her parents, but also that her parents’ lives are to her now, and will be for the rest of her life. Her parents chose life for her, and her grandparents chose life for her mom and dad. The same is true in Mike’s story. His mom chose life for him, and he chose to give to his son, whom he and his wife adopted after being married for 12 years. Every life matters and should be fought for, protected, and loved at every stage.

Every effort is needed. Becoming a staff member or volunteer at the Clinic is a noble task and should never be undervalued. However, we cannot leave this fight for life up to the Clinic alone. Mike reminded us that while their efforts are reaching far and wide in the Kansas City area, we should not assume they don’t need more from us. If you know someone who experiences an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, provide them with information about the clinic. Offer to drive them if needed. If you are a pastor of a local church, preach on the sanctity of life from your pulpit—God’s people need to hear the truth of His Word as we hear the shouts from the world each day. For all Christians, prayerfully consider how you might use your abilities and/or finances to bless the work going forward at Liberty Women’s Clinic.

Every prayer is coveted. To my shame, I often jump so quickly to the doing and giving that I surpass the one thing the Clinic might desire over anything else—prayer. As Mike ushered us into a time of prayer to close the evening, I began to think on what I can be asking of the Lord as it pertains to the sanctity of life. Cry out to the Lord, asking Him to outlaw abortion in our country. While many continue to lobby for legal reform to outlaw abortion, ask Him to send women to the Clinic who are struggling. Who are contemplating abortion. Who are scared. Who are lonely. Who, if only they knew someone was rooting for them, would choose life. Who need the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God is a faithful God who hears the prayers of His people.

So join with me, brothers and sisters, and pray for God’s continued hand of provision and care over the Clinic. May we feel compelled to protect the lives of the unborn and to give every effort in advancing the truth of the Gospel as we do it.